Three persons, all inhabitants of the city of Kolkata had common passion – explore the history and heritage of their  city. For this, two of them went searching through old publications of Kolkata library shelves and web-world. The third one opt his impeccable photography skill to portray his city.

None of them were either academician or highly qualified, typical average middle-class Indians eager to read and listen to the stories of bygone eras in connection with the place they reside.

Soon their study found colonial Kolkata, the city which fascinated them was historically very young than Delhi or Varanasi.

Slowly but steadily they focused much beyond that period of the socio-economical history of different districts of undivided Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, and parts of North-Eastern states around the vast plane of the eastern region of the Indian sub-continent.

All of a sudden it appeared to them that they could share their limited resources through digital platform, narrated their story and lens-work to the world. In this process, not only they might enlighten and enrich themselves, they might reveal some information which would be useful to the current as well as future people.
On the whole, this effort certainly changed the monotony of their daily city life.

The result is ……… Astounding Bengal
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